How to update LDAPCP

Start a new PowerShell console to ensure the use of up to date persisted objects, which avoids concurrency update errors.
Version 10 has breaking changes, please read below if you update from an earlier version.
If some SharePoint servers do not run SharePoint service “Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Web Application”, ldapcp.dll must be manually updated in their GAC as documented here.
If something goes wrong, check this page to fix issues.

  • Update solution

Run this cmdlet on the server running central administration:

# This will start a timer job that will deploy the update on SharePoint servers. Central administration will restart during the process
Update-SPSolution -GACDeployment -Identity "LDAPCP.wsp" -LiteralPath "F:\Data\Dev\LDAPCP.wsp"
  • Restart IIS service on each SharePoint server
  • Visit central administration > Security > LDAPCP global configuration page: Check version and review configuration

Updating from a version earlier than v10

Version 10 is a major update that has breaking changes. If you update from an earlier version, claim type configuration list will be reset and all customization made to that list will be lost.